PingAn-Bank - Mall Case Study
Objective In December 2014, Screemo were asked to raise awareness for the new Ping-An Bank app with the aim of increasing downloads. This was Screemo’s first foray into the Chinese market so it was a great challenge! The location of the interaction was set to be Shanghai’s SuperBrands Mall.
The Solution On a giant digital screen we created a multiplayer interactive roulette game and invited customers to play. The concept was that “money is not all about luck and you need a good bank behind you”. One of the largest challenges here was adapting the technology to fit the Chinese mobile network lines and creating a multiplayer game that would not overload the system.
Result During the 3 day campaign Ping-An reported a 20% engagement rate; 1 in every 5 people played and interacted with the Ping-An brand. This rate increased to 40% during rush hour.