Case Study - Mall Scenario
Objective In December 2014, SCREEMO were asked to raise awareness for a new PingAn-Bank app and get customers to download it. The challenge was great due to the fact that it was the first penetration of SCREEMO to the Chinese market and Chinese customer behavior. The location for the activity was Shanghai SuperBrands Mall.
The Solution On a giant digital screen, we created a multiplayer interactive "roulette" game, and attracted customers to play, under the concept that "your money is not all about luck, and you need a good bank behind you". Another tech challenge SCREEMO dealt with was to adopted the technology to Chinese mobile network lines, and set a multiplayer game that would not overload the system.
Result During the 3 day campaign, PingAn reported a 20% engagement rate, meaning every 5th person played and interacted with the PingAn brand, and a reported 40% engagement during rush hour due to the stickiness effect. PingAn got tens of thousands of exposures to its new app.