Reach and Engage Customers

with Gamified Experiences

What We Do

SCREEMO helps brick and mortar marketers to connect physical customers to the omnichannel using digital gamified experiences in-store to create a call to action on the consumer's mobile and enhance the customer experience.
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Using Promotional Assets: Digital, Print and Social networks

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Using Gamification Mechanics on the consumer’s device

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Using Digital Marketing Techniques to achieve your business goals

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Positive customer experience, Loyalty, Return visits, Up sales products, and more...

How Does it Work

SCREEMO is a new and exciting way to engage brick and mortar customers using gamified experience
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Create an experience that fits your brand’s goals and activates your customers

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While your customer is engaging with the experience we will be measuring the engagement levels using analytical tools

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A customer success manager will follow and tweak the experience to keep it fresh and exciting for your customers


The Advantages of Using SCREEMO
Direct Call to Action

SCREEMO’s tech generates a purchase proposition in customers mobile and not only on screen.

Brand Awareness

Give customers a fun and positive experience to associate with your brand/product.

Worry-free Tech

Our platform makes any project economical, easy to deploy, easy to modify and easy to optimize.

Learn More About Your Customers

By engaging your customers with our interactive experience, you can receive useful customer information and data inaccessible on existing digital screen platforms.

Added Value

With SCREEMO’s innovative tool you take full advantage of existing digital screens by adding interactivity and mobile engagement.

Approach New Markets

Millennials are the most connected consumers, however they don’t like to be marketed the traditional way. Reach and engage Millennials with innovative mobile to screen campaigns.

You’re in Control

Using SCREEMO’s online dashboard, its easy to see real time results of your on-going campaigns. By getting your campaign’s engagement and redeem statistics, you can learn your customers shopping habits, trends and preferences.

Improve as You Go

Use our A/B tests to optimize your campaign in real time with a click of a button.

Case Studies

Check out some of our success stories from around the world

Mobile to Screen Samples

SCREEMO’s library includes amazing mobile to screen interactive experiences. Below are just a few examples of what SCREEMO’s platform is capable of. Just have a look

Throw a bowling ball

User-skill based experience that uses the mobile accelerometer, by measuring the velocity of the user’s hand motion. The outcome of the experience is based on the measured velocity.

Wheel of Fortune

Spin the wheel

Non-skill based experience that uses the mobile swipe gesture. The outcome is determined randomly with no regard to how strong the user spun the wheel.


Beat the Keeper

Non-skill based experience that uses the mobile swipe gesture. The outcome is determined randomly with no regard to the direction the user swiped the ball.

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